Yesh Pavlik Slenk

Director, Climate Corps, Chicago, IL

Area of Expertise: Climate Corps, corporate partnerships, corporate sustainability, community management

Yesh manages the Climate Corps network of more than 3000 sustainability professionals worldwide. Climate Corps is an innovative fellowship program that places graduate students into companies, cities and nonprofits to help advance clean energy projects and climate goals. Yesh oversees strategy, communications, events and professional development for the global network.

She is also the host for the Degrees podcast featuring up-close conversations with changemakers who are actively using their careers to make a meaningful impact. The diverse array of guests share the inspiring things they are doing but also how they got there and how listeners can follow in their footsteps to join their influential ranks.

Yesh has worked at EDF since 2013. Prior to joining Climate Corps in 2015, she served on EDF’s Development Events team supporting events and meetings related to EDFs donors and board of trustees. She has spent her entire career serving mission-driven organizations including in the arts, outdoor education and microfinance sectors.

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