Business and the environment are crucial to each other’s success. EDF+Business. Where nature AND business prosper.

Sometimes unlikely partnerships drive incredible results. At Environmental Defense Fund, we believe companies, communities and the environment can thrive in unison – and we’re making it happen by leveraging the power of the marketplace. For 25 years, we’ve combined cutting-edge science, economic expertise and unexpected partnerships to help high-impact companies – including Walmart, KKR and FedEx – transform business as usual in their products, operations, supply chains and advocacy.

Our world needs healthy environments and healthy businesses to truly thrive. This is not an either/or choice. EDF+Business is forging solutions that drive ROI for both.

How EDF drives results

We’re pragmatic: Our work with leading companies takes a realistic approach to setting science-based goals and determining where to focus our efforts to make the biggest beneficial impact for business and the planet.

We’re relentless: We’re in each project from start to finish. Unlike other NGOs, EDF+Business does not accept funding from our partners, and, we stick around and work the hard hours in the ‘middle miles’. We provide hands-on help to companies to execute against their sustainability goals and report out on the outcomes.

We’re transformative: We work toward tangible, systemic transformations of operations, supply chains and industries by catalyzing global business leadership, innovation and collaboration to create a more sustainable world where companies and the environment can thrive.