Andrew Baxter

Senior Director, Energy Transition, Boston, MA

Area of Expertise: Oil & Gas, Methane Emissions, Sustainable Finance

Media Contact:Negin Janati

Andrew works with a variety of stakeholders within the oil and gas industry, financial sector, and academia, to drive continuous improvement in methane emission management and disclosure. His engagements with industry and investors also address additional near-term challenges and opportunities pertaining to oil and gas industry during the energy transition – including joint venture governance, mergers and acquisitions, and hydrogen development. He graduated from Imperial College London with a Chemical Engineering MEng and Harvard Business School with an MBA.

Posts by this author

Does Oil & Gas Merger Boom Cast Doubt on Global Clean Energy Transition?

Governments and regulators should recognize oil and gas mergers as an inflexion point to ensure environmental harm is minimized and emissions reduced.

Shared Duty: National, International Oil Companies Bound Together by Methane Obligations

The oil and gas industry must engage with national oil companies and non-operated joint ventures to achieve methane goals.

Methane emissions in oil & gas

MethaneSAT brings key tool to oil & gas operators, gives stakeholders unprecedented transparency

MethaneSAT will bring unprecedented capabilities to the existing set of methane-detecting satellites, in a new era of transparency, accountability.

Methane gas flare

National Oil Companies’ Oversized and Overlooked Methane Emissions, How Finance and Industry Must Help Now

NOCs have some of the lowest development and production costs, and will likely be the ones the last barrel from the ground.

Tackling Transferred Emissions: Climate Principles for Oil and Gas Mergers and Acquisitions

Transactions in the oil & gas industry are risky, but also present opportunities for industry to lead on global GHG emissions reduction.

Joint Ventures

Joint Action: ​Catalyzing Methane Emission Reduction at Oil and Gas Joint Ventures​

Analysis of supermajors' non-operated joint ventures with NOCs shows emissions reporting from these assets remains largely unknown and unmanaged.