Katie Anderson

Senior Director, Resilient Food and Forests, Raleigh, NC

Area of Expertise: Deforestation, Agriculture, Supply Chain, Sustainable Food.

Katie leads EDF+Business’ Resilient Food and Forest team, which aims to reduce deforestation, climate and water impacts from global supply chains. Her team works with the world’s largest food and agriculture companies to find win-win solutions for business and the planet.

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Climate-Smart Agriculture

Calling all food and ag companies: it’s time to reap the benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act for climate-smart agriculture.

Advancing climate-smart farming practices is critical to bringing emissions down and meeting corporate and U.S.-wide climate goals.

Danone commits to cut dairy methane emissions in partnership with farmers and EDF

Lowering methane emissions 30% by 2030 is good for the climate, supply chain resilience and farmer livelihoods.

Dairy cows in a field

New report highlights opportunities for meat and dairy companies to create innovative solutions and incentives for meeting climate targets

Companies with beef and dairy in their supply chains can play a critical role in reducing global enteric emissions by creating incentives.

Demystifying the enteric solutions market for food and agriculture companies

New technologies are coming to market that food and agriculture companies can use to reduce methane emissions.

Methane is the climate opportunity food companies can’t afford to miss

Reducing methane now is the fastest way to slow global warming in the near term and a critical part of avoiding the worst of climate change.

With supply chain issues expected to last, companies must go beyond “coping” to fostering resilience

Building more resilient supply chains is a business imperative, especially as the likelihood for more disruption increases.