It’s Your Time to Lead

Businesses have never played a more critical leadership role than they do right now – creating a cleaner, safer future for our country and our world. Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) has the expertise and resources to help you meet this challenge.

Show the world how to thrive – profitably and sustainably

Smart business leaders know prosperity isn’t born of short-term politics, but rather long-term economics. These same leaders understand that a thriving economy depends on a thriving environment – and vice versa. It isn’t either/or.

Responsible progress is in the hands of the innovators, the collaborators. The ones who think in terms of “both/and.”

We’re here to help you build a legacy of leading from the front. After all, that’s what your customers and stakeholders expect of you – and we bet you expect it of your own organization.

How will you raise the bar on corporate leadership?

EDF has created a three-part framework grounded in sound science and 25 years of partnering with business. This is how you thrive through the challenges ahead.

Set ambitious

Publicly commit to aggressive, science-based sustainability goals. This sends a clear market signal to your customers, shareholders and suppliers that you support a future where both business and nature can thrive.

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Collaborate for scale

The biggest environmental challenges can’t be conquered alone. Collaboration across departments, industries and especially supply chains is the key to delivering impact at a truly meaningful scale.

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Support smart policy

Show the world you mean business. Publicly support smart climate and environmental policy. You’ll be ensuring long-term competitiveness by driving innovation, job growth and bottom-line efficiencies.

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