Hands on help to meet your climate and energy goals 

EDF Climate Corps is cultivating the next generation of sustainability professionals united to advance climate solutions. By helping to launch their careers through an innovative fellowship program and facilitating lifelong learning and professional connections through a powerful network, EDF Climate Corps enables individuals to create impact at scales they couldn’t alone. As trends in corporate sustainability have evolved, so have our solutions and resources, making EDF Climate Corps the go-to for expert guidance in meeting their climate and energy goals.

About the EDF Climate Corps fellowship

EDF Climate Corps’ first-of-its-kind fellowship program brings together an arsenal of top talent, resources and expertise in a variety of subject matters and industries to help organizations meet their sustainability and energy goals.

  • Since the program’s inception in 2008, over 950 graduate students have been placed into more than 460 organizations spanning the U.S. and China.
  • We’ve worked with top companies, like Google, GM and McDonald’s, across more than 20 industries, including manufacturing, IT and retail.

About the EDF Climate Corps network

The EDF Climate Corps network helps professionals and organizations stay on the cutting-edge of technological, policy and sustainability innovations. We provide career support through resources like trainings, webinars and professional development opportunities, and help build connections with experts and innovators. The network also empowers members take action on climate at the local, state and federal level through a robust training and support initiative.

  • Over 90 percent of graduated alumni are actively advocating for or advancing climate solutions.
  • Nearly 70% of employed alumni work in sustainability or energy-related fields, and roughly 1 in 8 are in director level positions or above.
  • Top educational tracks include Masters of Business Administration, Masters of Energy Management, Masters of Environmental Engineering and Masters of Sustainability Management.

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