Climate Corps China Program

EDF's Work in China

EDF has worked in China for over 30 years to help curb greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. In collaboration with the Chinese government, industries, academic institutes, and individuals, our work focuses on three major initiatives: establishing an effective national carbon market, accelerating cleaner energy alternatives to coal and slowing the growth of energy demand by greening the supply chain and promoting demand-side management.

Real-world sustainability experience

Climate Corps recruits and trains graduate students from a wide range of programs and embeds them in leading organizations around the world for 8-12 weeks during the summer. Since the program’s inception in 2008, more than 1,500 graduate students have been placed in more than 600 leading organizations spanning the U.S., China and India. Climate Corps fellows join the active and growing alumni network of 3,000 former fellows and host representatives.

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What Climate Corps looks for

Climate Corps seeks graduate students with analytical and project management backgrounds who are excited to make an impact through climate and energy projects. Fellows are chosen for their ability to conduct technical and financial analyses, manage projects, communicate effectively, and help facilitate organizational change.

Climate Corps China

Since 2014, Climate Corps has placed more than 160 fellows in China in over 40 leading companies including: Apple, McDonald’s, IKEA, Walmart, and BYD. These talented graduate students have found tens of millions of dollars in energy savings for their “host” companies and their supply chains.

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About training

In late May, EDF hosts a week-long in-person training for fellows that includes EDF and other expert speakers and trainers. The curriculum covers energy efficiency, sustainability strategy, carbon accounting, building systems, financial analysis and more.

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