EDF's Work in China

EDF's work in China

EDF has worked in China for +25 years to help curb greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. In collaboration with the Chinese government, industries, academic institutes, and individuals, our work focuses on three major initiatives: establishing an effective national carbon market that includes a rigorous cap on carbon emissions, accelerating cleaner energy alternatives to coal and slowing the growth of energy demand by greening the supply chain and promoting demand-side management.

What is Climate Corps?

Climate Corps is an innovative fellowship program that embeds trained graduate students in organizations to help meet their energy goals by accelerating clean energy projects in their facilities. In just one summer, fellows will get clean energy projects on the fast track to accomplishment – improving the organization’s bottom line and environmental impact at the same time. Hiring a Climate Corps fellow is a proven, low-risk way to advance your organization’s energy management program.

Expanding Climate Corps to China

Since piloting and localizing the Climate Corps program in China in 2014, we've helped many Chinese industries build capacity and identify energy saving opportunities. Our fellows’ work, from investigating the feasibility of renewable energy for local plants to analyzing sophisticated energy-saving solutions, has helped “host” companies reduce their energy costs, optimize energy use in the production process and better manage the environmental impacts of their supply chains.

Program history

EDF piloted the Climate Corps China program in 2014 by placing six Chinese fellows from U.S. graduate schools to improve energy efficiency within multinational companies, including Walmart, Apple and McDonald’s. Today, Climate Corps China has placed 101 fellows from both U.S. and China-based universities into 25 multinational and 8 Chinese-owned companies, including Lenovo, BYD, and Meituan, to work on a broader range of energy and climate projects.


China fellows have uncovered tens of millions of dollars in energy cost savings and nearly half a million metric tons of annual CO2 reductions.

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