Sustainable products & supply chains

A product isn’t simply a product. It is a culmination of producers, suppliers, and manufacturers; material, energy, and water inputs; processes that transform raw ingredients and materials into final products; and all the logistics along the way that ultimately enable a product to reach a consumer’s home. This is why when we talk about sustainable products we have to talk about sustainable supply chains. Consumers are ultimately responsible for 60% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, and anywhere from 50-80% of total land, material and water use. The health effects are just as troubling. The European Environmental Agency estimates that 62% of chemicals in consumer products are hazardous to humans and the environment. Fortunately, innovative solutions are emerging to catalyze safer products and food, and products made with lower environmental impacts. The Supply Chain Solutions Center is a digital hub for sustainability resources, filtered to help solve your specific needs.

Product design & use

Product Design & Use

Designers, manufacturers and brands have the chance to help customers be more sustainable by delivering more efficient and innovative products.

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Sustainable energy

Supply Chain Solutions Center: Sustainable Energy

Make sustainable energy part of your company DNA

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Safer chemicals

Safer Chemicals

The chemicals used in your products, packaging and food have a direct impact on the health of consumers, the environment and workers.

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Feeding the world, sustainably

Sustainable Food

Companies are facing risks in their agricultural supply chains like never before, as climate change affects weather patterns.

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Helping forests thrive

Supply Chain Solutions Center: Commodities

Strengthening your forests and your business

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Green freight

Developing a green freight strategy

With Green Freight, there is a direct correlation between profitable business and environmental goals.

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