Simone Schenkel


Area of Expertise: Food and Agriculture, Supply Chain Sustainability, Corporate Climate Strategy, Carbon Markets, Forestry

Simone works to ensure food and agriculture companies are well-equipped to tackle meaningful Scope 3 emissions reductions by unlocking science-based opportunities within their supply chains to address climate change. Focusing primarily on row crop agriculture, Simone works at the intersection of food companies, voluntary standards setting bodies such as SBTi, Greenhouse Gas Protocol and agricultural technology companies to drive corporate ambition across greenhouse gases. She also works on strategy development for net zero capacity building within the food and agriculture sector to ensure these entities are set up for success to achieve net zero by 2050. Her expertise includes Scope 3 emissions accounting within the AFOLU sector, sustainable agricultural supply chains and soil health. She has a Master of Science in Agriculture, Food and Environment at Tufts University, and a B.A. at Colgate University in Peace and Conflict Studies.

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