FAQ – China Climate Corps Hosts

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I ask my fellow to sign an additional internship agreement or NDA?

Yes. EDF requires all host companies treat their fellows as formal interns of the company, and it is up to the company’s internal policy to determine whether any additional internship agreement or NDA between the company and their fellow is required. Host companies should inform EDF of any additional document-signing with their fellows

Can I purchase any insurance for my fellow?

Since all China fellows are not formal employees of any host company, no host company should purchase any social benefit insurance for China fellows. EDF does recommend that host companies purchase commercial life accidental insurance for their fellows.

Can I extend the length of the fellowship?

All fellowships under the EDF China program are limited to a period of 10 weeks. However, if you would like to establish a separate agreement directly with your fellow for additional work beyond the 10 week fellowship, you are welcome to propose this to your fellow.