Additive & Contiminants of Concern

Ensuring safer food for everyone

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the chemicals in their food.

One major way that toxic chemicals can enter our food is by migration from food packaging. For example, FDA studies have shown increased levels of perchlorate, an additive in plastic dry food packaging, appearing in our food, including baby food. Exposure to perchlorate threatens children’s brain development.

When meeting consumer demand for safer food, it’s important for your strategy to include the minimization of chemical contaminants. In our corporate and regulatory work, EDF has identified chemicals in food packaging and food handling equipment where the potential health impacts from their migration into food raises serious concerns. These chemicals in virgin materials may also contaminate the recycling stream and undermine their recyclability.

By ensuring future food packaging is free of these chemicals, companies can improve consumer trust while minimizing the impact of future regulations on their bottom line.