Climate Policy News You Can Use — January 2024

Hello and Happy New Year from the Climate Policy Leadership Team!

2024 is shaping up to be a busy year, with climate at the forefront. 66 percent of respondents to the World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Perception Survey (GRPS) identified extreme weather as “most likely to present a material crisis on a global scale in 2024.” While the report paints a stark picture, there is reason to hope, and policy will play a large role in addressing that risk and cutting emissions.

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State Policy: New York’s Cap-and-Invest Program Advances with Opportunity for Public Comment

The Hochul Administration is advancing a rulemaking for an economywide cap-and-invest program in New York state as a key step towards implementing the state’s Climate Act and achieving its emissions targets. The lead agencies have released a pre-proposal outline which sheds more light on the potential design of the program and kicks off a round of public comment in advance of the release of a draft rule in the coming months. This policy could raise the bar nationally for economy-wide, market-based climate policies and serve as a model for other states looking to achieve science-based emissions targets and benefit communities.


What’s new with the IRA?


The Latest from Capitol Hill:

  • Congress continues to negotiate topline spending levels for a long-term funding package. The toplines are consistent with the debt limit agreement struck between President Biden and then-Leader McCarthy. We will continue tracking the process closely with an eye toward any potential policy riders that would do harm to climate progress.


Keeping up with the Administration:

  • A reminder that there is still outstanding proposed rulemaking that must be finalized by the Biden administration. If you are interested in learning more about any of the issues below, please reach out!
    • SEC Climate-Related Financial Disclosure
    • FERC Transmission Planning and Cost Allocation
    • EPA New and Existing Power Plants


ICYMI – Things We’re Tracking:

  1. Electric Truck Deployments by U.S. Companies Grew Five Times in 2023
  2. Analysis Finds U.S. Electric Vehicle Battery Manufacturing on Track to Meet Demand
  3. Chevron Doctrine Opponents Ask Justices to Usurp Agencies’ Delegated Role
  4. The Net-Zero Action Accelerator is a resource to help companies take action on their climate goals.


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Daniel Neff on behalf of the Climate Policy Leadership Team