Growing Clean Energy in Key States

Generating clean energy proof-of-concept

At a time when federal action threatens vital safeguards, states and cities are leading the way to a clean energy economy , and EDF’s expertise at the local level is critical for progress.
As the cost of renewables plummets and the electric grid gets smarter, we are working with partners at the national and state level to clear away barriers to clean energy growth and cut carbon emissions. Our goal is to help the U.S. take advantage of an unprecedented convergence of clean energy innovation, economic growth and environmental protection to turn the corner on climate change.

To generate “proof of concept”, we have zeroed in on three, key states, Ohio, New Jersey and Florida, in which we’ll deploy different strategies to take advantage of key opportunities, including:

  • Rewriting old rules to reward conservation and clean energy
  • Modernizing the electric grid so it is intelligent and interactive
  • Empowering customers to make smart energy choices
  • Spurring private investment in energy efficiency and renewables
  • Defending safeguards that cut pollution and protect public health


Following the successful launch of two reports for Powering Ohio, we helped solidify a steering committee of Ohio companies, organizations and academic institutions. Their task is to guide the initiative moving forward and act as advocates for increased ambition for clean energy innovation in the state.
Despite a difficult year for energy legislation in the state, the Powering Ohio steering committee remains committed to working together to pursue common ground activities identified in our strategic plan as well as engaging in on-going dialogue with the administration.

EDF’s ability to continue guiding this initiative forward will depend on new though modest funding, primarily to support our in-state political consultant who serves as the day-to-day manager of a steering committee and our engagement with the DeWine Administration on clean energy innovation issues.

New Jersey

In New Jersey, we jumped on Governor Phil Murphy’s goal to establish a state-owned public bank a centerpiece of his economic vision for New Jersey. EDF is pushing for a “green ring-fence” to be incorporated into the bank’s design, ensuring that public finance can be dedicated to catalyzing clean energy investment in the state as has been done in neighboring New York and Connecticut.


In Florida, we are crafting an innovative creative campaign to influence the state politics of clean energy in a key national swing state. Multiple leading experts have pointed us toward Florida as a Sunbelt state ripe for clean energy investment if new voices armed with effective messaging can be deployed. We have paired a leading creative communications firm with smart political insiders to create “Clean Energy Florida”, which is messaging to Florida voters to ensure the state takes control of its economic future and resiliency through clean energy.