Mato Grosso Produce, Conserve, Include (PCI)

A working model of the jurisdictional approach in Brazil

Forests: a critical corporate climate opportunity

Forests are a critical part of corporate sustainability, both to meet deforestation-free supply chain goals and climate commitments. Forest loss and other degradation contribute approximately 15 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions globally, and agricultural products in global supply chains are the biggest driver. Just four commodities – beef, soy, palm oil, pulp & paper – account for 1.7 gigatons of emissions each year.

Hundreds of companies have set zero-deforestation commitments in their supply chains by 2020, but most are not on track to meet these targets. Now, companies are feeling significant pressure to show progress.

The jurisdictional approach: a collaborative solution
That’s where the jurisdictional approach comes in. This exciting strategy encourages companies sourcing agricultural commodities to collaborate with local governments, communities, and producers in their sourcing region. By working together, the stakeholders ensure that local laws, regional efforts, and corporate policies work in concert to reduce deforestation and increase productivity across an entire region.

PCI: an investment-ready jurisdictional model, designed to meet aggressive targets
The good news is that there are currently jurisdictional approaches that are ready for corporate engagement. One of the leading jurisdictional approaches is the Produce, Conserve, Include (PCI) strategy in Mato Grosso, Brazil.

The PCI’s aggressive goals aim to produce more agricultural commodities, conserve natural resources, and include smallholders and indigenous people in economic development. This state is the country’s largest agricultural producing region, which means it can have a big impact. If the state meets these goals, it will avoid approximately 6 gigatons of greenhouse gases by 2030, and create a scalable model that can be replicated across Brazil and beyond.

Resources and ways to engage in the PCI:

  • Download a Summary of PCI to see how your company can engage.
  • Review the PCI Pitchbook for an overview of on-the-ground projects that support corporate engagement in the PCI.
  • Get involved in the PCI Corporate Action Group to connect with actionable opportunities that support the PCI.
  • Download a Regional Risk Map to see the high, medium and low-risk municipalities in Mato Grosso and get ideas for how to meaningfully engage.
  • Check out the PCI Monitor to see a dashboard of current progress

We gratefully acknowledge support from the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) under the project, “Delivering Incentives to End Deforestation.”