Safer Chemicals Innovation

Innovating your way to safer products

The “clean” product trend is on the rise. For example, the market for clean beauty is projected to grow 8-10% per year, reaching global sales of $25 billion by 2025. Major retailers are driving competition among brands to offer “clean” products via programs such as the Target Wellness Program and Clean at Sephora. Coupled with chemical policies from the likes of Walmart and Amazon calling for the elimination of toxic chemicals in products on their shelves, product manufacturers are hearing loud and clear the market demand for products made with safer ingredients.

However, sometimes new or reformulated products end up containing replacement ingredients that are just as bad or worse than the original. For example, BPS was championed as a replacement for BPA in bottles and other products not too long ago — until research showed BPS has similar harmful effects to BPA.

That’s why the vision for a safer marketplace isn’t just about removing known toxic chemicals from products. It’s also about ensuring new products contain demonstrably safer ingredients. Companies from Levi’s Strauss & Co. to Apple to Seventh Generation are evolving what this looks like and what safer chemicals leadership looks like overall in their sectors.

Finding ways to innovate safer products is not only good for people and the environment; it’s good for business growth. EDF is here to help you get there:

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