Starting your green freight journey

Every product that ends up on a retail shelf or is sold online has a freight footprint. The impact of moving freight across U.S. retail and consumer goods supply chains is significant – with the trucks, trains, ships and planes that carry goods emitting over 160 million metrics tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions annually, representing 16% of all corporate emissions.

The good news is companies have both the power and financial incentive to reduce their environmental impact from freight. In fact, many leading companies are creating business value today by cutting carbon emissions from moving freight. These companies, such as Walmart, Ikea, Unilever and Ocean Spray, are following a similar path, one we at Environmental Defense Fund are calling the Green Freight Journey, a five-step framework for freight optimization projects. By employing smarter logistics strategies, they can operate more efficiently and cost effectively.

In this webinar, Jason Mathers, Senior Manager at Environmental Defense Fund, introduces you to the Green Freight Journey framework, reviews real-world case examples and highlight tools EDF is making available to help companies progress on their journey.