Strategic energy management

Make sustainable energy part of your company's DNA

Wherever your company is on the sustainability journey, there’s no doubt you’ve already considered energy initiatives to reduce the growth in your energy consumption and carbon emissions. For good reason; the environmental and business benefits are well established, and policies to support company efforts have been around for years.

Those environmental benefits come mainly in the form of greenhouse gas emission reductions, which are now more critical than ever. Only ten years remain to limit emissions to prevent catastrophic climate change.

The business case is equally compelling. A company managing its energy use sustainably can save money on its energy bill; reduce its energy price risk; attract increasingly environment and health-minded consumers; and enjoy an enhanced brand reputation.

Whether you are just getting started, or have been investing in energy efficiency and clean energy for years, there is a lot to learn from how leading companies are structuring their sustainable energy strategies for long-term success. By going beyond one-off lighting upgrades and renewable projects to a comprehensive, strategic energy management program, your company can make energy sustainability part of its DNA — and achieve continuous improvement in energy and carbon performance.