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A History of Results for Business and the Environment

For over 25 years, our pragmatic approach to working with business has driven innovative environmental results while also helping companies improve performance.

Since 1990, when EDF formed a waste reduction task force with McDonald’s, we have joined forces with market leaders to protect the environment while improving the bottom line. In each partnership, our aim is to improve not just one company but to spur change across an entire industry sector and yield substantial environmental benefits.

Through our partnerships with companies as diverse as StarbucksDuPont, FedEx, UPS and Walmart, EDF has become the environmental partner of choice, establishing our credibility in the corporate world and our ability to deliver transformative environmental results.

Since we do not accept funds from our corporate partners, we are free to share our best practices, tools and resources broadly with others.

Across all our programs, we will leverage corporate partnerships to create groundbreaking environmental innovations, and we will promote rapid and widespread adoption of such innovations by other companies as well through best practices, tools and resources.