Beef, Soy & Other Commodities

Beef, soy, pulp and paper, and palm oil are the major contributors to deforestation globally. Unfortunately, these products are pervasive in our kitchens and supermarkets. When products are linked to deforestation, the planet suffers, but so do major businesses. Mitigating legal, reputational and extreme-weather related risks are why more and more retail and food product companies are committing to sourcing sustainable commodities. And the good news is that there are powerful tools available to reduce deforestation and improve the sustainability of the products we enjoy everyday.

Ready-to-go projects

Mato Grosso Produce, Conserve, Include (PCI)

A working model of the jurisdictional approach in Brazil

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Raising cattle sustainably

Novo Campo Program

Promoting sustainable practices on cattle ranches in the Amazon region, improving economic, social and environmental performance.

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