The Jurisdictional Approach

After decades of action to protect global forests, we are still seeing deforestation rates rising. Why? Because many of the tools we have used to reduce deforestation are focused on single supply chains, single commodities, or single companies. While these can answer part of the problem, the siloed approach cannot drive change at scale. It is clear that we need a more holistic, collaborative strategy.

The jurisdictional approach is one such strategy. The jurisdictional approach enable companies to collaborate with local governments and other stakeholders to increase productivity and reduce deforestation over an entire region, not just in a single supply chain.

What is the jurisdictional approach?

Halting deforestation with the Jurisdictional Approach

Mitigating deforestation through collaboration and scale

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Ready-to-go projects

Mato Grosso Produce, Conserve, Include (PCI)

A working model of the jurisdictional approach in Brazil

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