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Targets to Traction: Accelerating Corporate Climate Ambition into Real Action

Published: November 29, 2023 by Ellen Shenette

With COP28 looming, companies must proactively address emissions and report real progress on corporate climate goals.

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Financial impacts of cover crops in Minnesota

This project is gathering detailed financial data on cover crops between 2022-2024 from corn, soybean, and other row crop farms across Minnesota.

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Farm in the midwest

Climate, agriculture, and finance: exploring connections at the Fed

Published: June 7, 2023 by Maggie Monast

Geographical changes in agriculture are reshaping investment and lending decisions.

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Managing climate change risks at agricultural finance institutions

Two reports focused on climate change impacts on agriculture finance institutions published by Environmental Defense Fund and Deloitte.

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Agricultural banks expect climate change to pose financial risks. Here are five strategies to help them adapt.

A new guide offers five strategies for agricultural finance institutions to manage climate risks and act on climate opportunities.

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Key insights for business from COP27

Published: November 23, 2022 by Elizabeth Sturcken

Now that COP27 has ended, we’re looking closely at what that progress looks like, and how companies can act.

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Sustainable investment leader Taeun Kwon on women, money and saving the planet

If we are to truly combat climate change, there must be more women leaders in finance.

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