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March 2024

MethaneSAT will add new capabilities to the existing set of methane-detecting satellites and usher in a new era of transparency and accountability.

February 2024

EPA’s emission standards for oil and gas methane, fossil fuel power plants, vehicles, and transmission are all important drivers for accelerating climate progress.

January 2024

66% of World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Perception Survey respondents identified extreme weather as “most likely to present a material crisis on a global scale in 2024.”

December 2023

EDF recently returned from COP28, which brought important progress including a pledge by 50 oil and gas companies to cut methane emissions up to 90%.

November 2023

The Fifth National Climate Assessment was released this week, with the jaw-dropping finding that climate-related extreme weather events are costing the U.S. economy at least $150 billion a year.

October 2023

The global backdrop to this month’s newsletter is somber…. Still, there are bright spots for climate progress, and important opportunities for business action and advocacy.

September 2023

We’re back! Hope your September is off to a good start and that you got to enjoy some R&R this summer. I’m resolved to spend more of my life on top of mountains.

July/August 2023

This summer’s record-shattering temperatures make abundantly clear why we need to act fast to cut climate pollution. Thankfully, there’s good news to keep us all motivated, and plenty of opportunities for further progress.

June 2023

Last week, the UN called on companies to align their advocacy with net zero goals, while the We Mean Business Coalition released its Framework for Responsible Policy Engagement.

May 2023

I’m excited to share that EDF and the other NGOs behind the AAA Framework for Climate Policy Leadership have updated our U.S. Federal Climate Policy Priorities.

April 2023

Happy Earth Month! Lots of updates in this edition on the Inflation Reduction Act, developments in Congress, and new EPA regulations on vehicles and power plants.

March 2023

The IPCC’s last report is unequivocal: deep, rapid, and sustained reductions in GHG emissions are needed to limit catastrophic impacts of climate change.

February 2023

It was inspiring to be at GreenBiz last week, joining nearly 2,000 sustainability leaders striving to meet this moment with ambition, commitment, and collaboration.

January 2023

This will be a pivotal year for climate progress, as we work to fully leverage the historic investments under the IRA and BIL and move key policies forward in Congress and federal agencies.