Innovative Foods

Meeting consumer demand for more sustainable food

The food industry is changing fast. Every day brings reports of new ingredients that food innovators around the world have developed to meet consumer demands for a healthier and more sustainable food supply. The innovations range from new ways to extract useful additives from existing sources such as algae to bioengineering to make novel ingredients like sweeteners or proteins that can be grown in a tank instead of on a farm.

At EDF, we encourage innovation that helps communities and the environment thrive, especially in the face of the threats posed by climate change. However, the same scrutiny that applies to the safety of conventional food applies here too. Consumers are increasingly concerned about the chemicals used to flavor, color, preserve, package, process, and store foods, as well as chemical contaminants that may come along the way during sourcing and processing.

Innovators in the new food frontier have the opportunity to adopt best food safety practices now that can reap long-term consumer trust. EDF is here to help.