It’s time companies electrify delivery. New sponsorship models can make that happen.

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The explosion of e-commerce has accelerated demand for delivery. Companies are challenged with meeting the increased demand for faster deliveries, at the same time stakeholders are pressuring them to address their climate footprint. Investing in zero emissions shipping enables companies to decarbonize their carbon footprint while helping to get the global economy closer to net zero by mid century. But for companies that don’t own or operate their fleets, achieving zero emissions delivery remains a significant challenge. 

Companies are testing electric package delivery using new innovative models to invest in and accelerate zero-emissions shipping. Through an EV sponsorship model, companies can procure cleaner shipping options by gaining access to electric commercial vehicles.

Watch this webinar, The future of zero emissions delivery: How sponsorship models can accelerate EV adoption, an informational session on how companies can start using commercial electric vehicles to fulfill their last mile deliveries today. The session will discuss the current state of the EV market and give an overview of how IKEA is piloting zero-emissions shipping in the New York City- New Jersey metropolitan region through a first-of-its-kind EV sponsorship model. 

Companies have a unique opportunity to leverage their collective purchasing power and signal to fleet managers, policy makers, and utilities that policy zero-emissions deliveries are a priority, while reducing their own climate footprint. Get started today. 


  • Harold Rickenbacker, Ph.D., Clean Air and Innovation Manager, EDF
  • Steven Moelk, Project Implementation Manager, Zero Emission Delivery, IKEA
  • James Eberhard, Founder & CEO, Fluid Truck
  • Rich Kassel, Group Leader, Clean Energy + Sustainability, Capalino