It’s your time to lead

Smart business leaders know prosperity isn’t born of short-term politics, but rather long-term economics. These same leaders understand that a thriving economy depends on a thriving environment – and vice versa. It isn’t either/or.

Responsible progress is in the hands of the leaders, the innovators, the collaborators. The ones who see a more resilient future for both business and the planet.

We’re here to help you build a legacy of leading from the front. After all, that’s what your customers and stakeholders expect of you – and we bet you expect it of your own organization.

EDF has created a four-part framework grounded in sound science and 25+ years of partnering with business. This is how you raise the bar on corporate leadership.

Commit to corporate sustainability
Commit to aggressive, science-based sustainability goals and map out a plan for success. Support the internal organizational changes needed to embed sustainability into your corporate strategy. Set and report on clear performance metrics and continue to scale your goals.

By publicly committing to corporate sustainability goals, you send a strong signal to customers, employees, shareholders and suppliers that sustainability is core to your business

Collaborate for scale
The biggest environmental challenges can’t be conquered alone. Being a leader means leveraging your influence beyond your own operations and embracing strategic partnerships to drive scale.

Collaboration across departments, industries and especially supply chains is the key to delivering impact at a truly meaningful scale.

Partnering with environmental organizations will ensure you are addressing the most important challenges.

Advocate for smart environmental policy
Environmental problems like climate change will never be solved through voluntary corporate actions alone. Public policies are critical to reduce environmental impacts across the economy, in an efficient and equitable manner, and on a scale commensurate with the challenge.

Smart environmental safeguards are also good for business – driving innovation, reducing risks and providing certainty that enables long-term planning and investment.

Accelerate environmental innovation
Emerging technology has the power to supercharge business and sustainability. The new wave of environmental innovation is accelerating the balance between a thriving economy and a thriving planet.

Better alignment between business and sustainability goals is at your fingertips – business innovation must also drive environmental progress.

Lead from the front, EDF has your back
EDF+Business has been forging innovative solutions for business leaders for over 25 years. We are helping companies and investors to raise the bar for corporate sustainability leadership because we know that a thriving economy depends on a thriving environment.