With water demand projected to grow 40% by 2030, every drop counts.

Water scarcity is a risk to business success, and investors know it. In water-stressed areas, leading companies are facing the possibility that the water resources they need to keep growing may not always be available to them. The key to avoiding that risk is adopting smart water management strategies.

EDF worked with AT&T to develop a framework and set of tools that can help your company reduce its water use from cooling and manage its water risk.

Now we’re working together to encourage companies in water-stressed regions — Texas (Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston), Phoenix, California (Los Angeles, the Bay Area) and Denver — to adopt the toolkit and cut their costs while reducing their impacts on local water resources. In addition, we’re working with the Global Environmental Management Institute (GEMI) to revise and co-promote the toolkit further.

Share your water efficiency progress

Estimates show that U.S. companies could save up to 28 billion gallons of water per year if they optimize cooling in their buildings. That’s as much as over 750,000 Americans use at home in a year!

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