Sustainable e-commerce

Green your e-commerce

The explosive growth of e-commerce has transformed retail. Consumers increasingly turn to e-commerce to research, compare and purchase products day-or-night from sellers all over the world. The latest data indicates that 95% of global consumers with internet access have made an online purchase.

However, with the growth of e-commerce also comes the growth of its impact on our environment. The making, selling, use, and disposal of products is putting tremendous and unsustainable pressure on our health and the environment. And shining a spotlight on the role e-commerce leaders can and must play in driving a safer, more sustainable marketplace.

E-commerce businesses have the responsibility, influence, and opportunity to advance safer, more sustainable consumer products and supply chains. Companies ready to lead can capture a growing consumer base, bolster consumer trust, and future-proof their operations. EDF is here to help you get started.

Leading on product sustainability

The roadmap to sustainable e-commerce

A guide for the retail industry to greater transparency about the health and climate impacts of the products sold on their online platforms.

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The future of shopping

The future of sustainable e-commerce is here

SustainaBuy: a tool that integrates expertly sourced sustainability data into the online shopping experience.

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Shopping sustainably

Shoppers: how to find sustainable products online

Shopping online for sustainable products is nearly impossible. This guide can help--and signing the petition can help amplify shoppers' voices.

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Zero emissions shipping

Zero emissions shipping

Consumers and communities care about the true costs of last-mile delivery--and solutions exist.

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Sustainable supply chains

The Supply Chain Solutions Center

A digital hub for sustainability resources, best practices, thought leadership and news – filtered to help you solve your specific needs.

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