The future of sustainable e-commerce is here

Many factors influence online shopping purchases. What if retailers made it easy for customers to factor in sustainability too?

Creating a transparent online marketplace that offers safe and sustainable products is especially critical today as more consumers move online for their everyday shopping needs.

But while customers want to shop sustainably, right now, it’s just too difficult. Finding reliable environmental and ingredient safety data on a product takes forever, and often, the information that’s out there is complicated and hard to verify.

E-commerce retailers have a responsibility and opportunity to help customers make safer and more sustainable purchases by providing legitimate, trustworthy data on their online marketplaces.

That’s the future of sustainable shopping. That’s SustainaBuy.

SustainaBuy: helping customers shop sustainably

SustainaBuy demonstrates how easy it could be to integrate expertly sourced sustainability data into the online shopping experience. It can be fast, easy, and fun for people to make purchases better for them and the planet based on real, behind-the-scenes sustainability data about products. Helping people change their shopping habits is good for their health, the planet and a retailer’s bottom line.

The time is now for companies to use their influence to help customers shop sustainably, whether online or in the store, so that every dollar spent goes toward products that are safer for the environment and for the people who use them.

See how you can adopt the practices of SustainaBuy today.