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Hitting the mark: improving the credibility of industry methane data

This report outlines an enhanced approach to measuring and reporting methane emissions, so that accuracy improves and industry confidence grows.

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Digital methane management: an industry perspective

A new survey from EDF+Business in collaboration with Accenture Strategy

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Tech innovators should pay attention to NYC’s new air pollution monitoring pilot

Published: January 21, 2020 by Harold Rickenbacker

The first step in tackling air pollution is to fully understand it – or as we say, make the invisible, visible.

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The next frontier: managing methane risk from non-operated assets

Methane from ‘non-operated assets’ is key challenge, opportunity for industry.

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Mobile monitoring challenge

What inventors are doing now could transform how oil and gas companies find methane leaks that warm the planet.

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Find & fix: job creation in the emerging leak detection and repair industry

Research released by Datu Research offers an inside look at the methane leak detection and repair (LDAR) industry.

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Rising risk: improving methane disclosure in the oil & gas industry

Leading oil and gas companies are putting themselves and their investors at financial and reputational risk through inadequate disclosure on methane.

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The emerging U.S. Methane Mitigation Industry

An exploration of how the nation’s growing methane mitigation industry can boost economic development in key energy states while reducing pollution.

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