If you want to use your job to make a difference in the world, Degrees is your podcast.

Part club, part roadmap, part therapy session, Degrees features in-depth, up-close conversations with changemakers using their careers to make a meaningful impacts.

Host Yesh Pavlik Slenk talks with everyone from storytellers to songwriters, city leaders to sustainability gurus and former White House staffers about their paths to solving the world’s biggest problems. Our guests share how they got where they are, so others (like you) can follow in their footsteps and join their changemaker ranks.


Yesh and her team have searched high and low to bring you a-maz-ing guests. We know that, by hearing their stories, you’ll find advice and inspiration to guide you on your own purpose-driven journey. Click the episode title for show notes, transcripts and links to dig deeper.

Degrees Ep. 09: Peggy Shepard

Degrees Ep. 09: Peggy Shepard

The godmother of the environmental justice movement speaks out Thirty five years ago, on Martin ...
Degrees Episode 08: Michelle Romero

Degrees Episode 08: Michelle Romero

Why environmental justice is crucial for today’s climate careers It’s now abundantly clear: every technical, ...
Degrees Episode 07: Trish Kenlon

Degrees Episode 07: Trish Kenlon

How to land a sustainability J-O-B! Trish Kenlon is a self-described “people connector, community builder ...
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Meet Yesh

Yesh manages EDF’s Climate Corps network of more than 2,300 sustainability and energy management professionals worldwide.

By day, Yesh works to leverage the network as a tool for facilitating lifelong learning and professional connections that empower members to create impact across industries. She oversees national network events and professional development opportunities to facilitate collaboration, share innovative ideas and advance climate actions.

By night, Yesh is a dance-party loving wife, and mother of a goofy toddler. She is deeply pleased by a bag of gummies, a glass of wine and nature documentaries.

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