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Accelerating Towards Net Zero: IRA Incentives Offer Companies a Fast Track for Fleet Electrification

Published: May 24, 2023 by Maaz Haider

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is the most significant climate victory for sustainable investment in U.S. history.

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electric trucks infrastructure

Inflation Reduction Act Activation Guide: Advanced Manufacturing

Any company that owns or sources from industrial facilities may benefit from IRA incentives.

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Advanced Manufacturing

Inflation Reduction Act Activation Guide: Building Energy Efficiency

Companies with high energy footprints are most likely to benefit from the IRA’s credits and deductions for energy saving building technologies.

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Inflation Reduction Act Activation Guide: Climate-Smart Agriculture

A broad range of companies within the food sector can use IRA-funded agricultural programs to support their climate goals.

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Climate-Smart Agriculture

Inflation Reduction Act Activation Guide: Fleet Electrification

The IRA is a gamechanger for companies that own, operate, or rely on vehicles and aim to reduce their transportation emissions.

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Inflation Reduction Act Activation Guide: Renewable Energy Procurement

The IRA aims to increase supply of renewable energy in the US and is projected to lower clean energy costs in the long-term.

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How an energy entrepreneur is helping to light up the world

As a teenager, Dan learned that lack of access to energy is a trap that keeps people in poverty. He vowed to try to solve this problem.

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Three takeaways from Amazon’s new carbon neutralization plan

Published: September 3, 2021 by Elizabeth Sturcken

Amazon’s new carbon neutralization paper provides clarity and perspective on what’s needed to reduce emissions fast and at scale.

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