ESG BY EDF: Actionable Insights for a Decarbonizing World

ESG By EDF is an insights platform that empowers investor action to accelerate climate and sustainability solutions.

Building a thriving net zero future for people and the planet is the defining challenge of our time. ESG By EDF leverages EDF’s world-leading expertise in climate science, economics, and public policy to inform rigorous assessment and constructive engagement with companies in carbon-intensive industries. We equip the financial community with the independent analysis and tools needed to manage climate risk, assess opportunities, and accelerate urgent action in the sectors that matter most.

Sector Coverage

Oil & Gas

From flaring and methane management to new hydrogen pathways, how companies are taking on the energy transition



Fleet management, shipping & logistics, charging infrastructure and more on the road to zero-emission transport


Financial Services

The shifting landscape as rising demand for ESG and climate-aligned investing reshapes financial flows


Decarbonization Pathways


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Our Team

Andrew Howell

Andrew Howell leads ESG By EDF and works with investors to accelerate the energy transition in sectors including oil & gas, transportation, petrochemicals and food & agriculture. Andrew was previously an Institutional Investor-ranked strategist and analyst with Citi, focusing on emerging and frontier markets. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and INSEAD and is a CFA charterholder.

Andrew Baxter

Andrew Baxter leads collaboration with investors on methane emission technology, best management practices, and disclosure, while also managing collaborative projects with leading companies, innovators, and civil society groups. He is a graduate of Imperial College London and Harvard Business School.

Jake Hiller

Jake Hiller manages strategic planning and leads operations and emerging issue exploration for the team, with current focus areas including zero emission vehicles, petrochemicals and hydrogen. Jake is a graduate of Princeton University and holds a Certificate in Financing and Deploying Clean Energy from the Yale School of Management.

Jenny Mandel

Jenny Mandel manages and edits investor research across the ESG By EDF platform. She was previously a reporter with E&E News covering oil and gas, energy infrastructure, biofuels, emerging technologies, and state and federal energy policy. She graduated from Stanford University.

Gabe Malek

Gabe Malek manages EDF’s business and investor engagement on financial regulation and climate-aligned financial products and contributes to thought leadership on the energy transition for financial stakeholders. He graduated from Yale University.

Dominic Watson

Dominic Watson creates investor-facing tools and data-driven reports on methane emission disclosure, regulation and best practice to support high-impact investor engagements with corporates and policy makers. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.

Felicia Douglas

Felicia Douglas leads collaborative projects with industry consortia and civil society groups to secure meaningful methane reductions from the oil and gas sector, with a focus on data-driven solutions and strategic partnerships. Felicia is a graduate of the University of British Columbia and Centre for Environmental Policy at Imperial College London.

Tokollo Matsabu

Tokollo Matsabu develops analysis and thought leadership for the financial community with a special focus on environmental justice, climate resilience, and energy transition minerals. She holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Cape Town, and a Masters from SOAS University of London.

Clare Staib-Kaufman

Clare is a Data Analyst, generating data-driven research to support ESG by EDF, identifying complex datasets and translating them into engaging analysis and visuals to promote the energy transition. Clare graduated from Yale University.

Deanna Coleman

Deanna Coleman compiles and analyses data of carbon-intense sectors and works with the team to translate the technical subject matter to help drive behavior change. She holds an undergraduate degree from the University of St Andrews, and a Masters from Columbia University.

Shruti Chowdhary

Shruti leads and manages marketing and communications for ESG by EDF, and facilitates partnerships with the private sector and civil society in the financial industry and energy transition. She graduated from Louisiana State University.